Vocabulary, Comprehension and Reading Bundle- Activity Booklets and Resource packs


Workbooks filled with techniques and strategies for parents to help transform their child’s reading vocabulary and comprehension skills.

⭐️UPDATE: 3 extra sets of documents added- Book Discussion, Book Reflection, Book Furthering.⭐️

These challenge workbooks will also build strong foundations for your child with their creative writing skills.

Suitable for Year 4 and Year 5 families

The bundle includes 1. A reading booklet with activities to make reading worthwhile and provide the skills needed for vocabulary and comprehension

2. A Vocabulary Challenge pack that will help your child to learn and retain new words

3. A Comprehension pack that will show your child how to think beyond the text and answer questions effectively

Additional resources that will help you.

Comprehension and Vocabulary Builder Pack

Vocabulary Books, Apps and Lists


How to use this bundle

  • This is a bundle meant to be used as a family or unit. Parents or carers are required to sit with their children to make the best use of this resource
  • The bundle comes with three downloadable files which can be downloaded as soon as you purchase. You can download this twice on your computer within 90 days.
  • You can use each pack within the bundle to complete in a week (use it as a 5-day challenge) or take longer. For example, the comprehension challenge workbook can be finished in 5 weeks.
  • The 5-day or 5-week period will depend on your schedule and where your child is and is different for every child.
  • Repeat these fun and creative challenges as often as you require to ensure you adopt strategies that will help your child master their reading, vocabulary and comprehension TALENTS and lay a strong foundation for their creative writing skills.


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