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This website provides information about tutors and businesses and is provided for informational purposes only. We haven’t vetted or verified any tutor or business that appears on our website and can’t guarantee the quality of their services or products. You are solely responsible for assessing the suitability of a tutor or business and checking the accuracy of their stated credentials, qualifications, expertise, references and DBS status where applicable. Any qualification or DBS status of a tutor or business is self-certified and not verified, validated or checked by us. Parents must do their own research and due diligence before hiring or buying from a tutor or business.

James Garry

Sheena Ager

Kamilah Hale

AE Tuition


Charles Stevenson

Nicola Mitchell

Manasi Adholiya

Louisa Gray

Manju Pillai

Lucy Thompson

Umair Saleem

Juliet Rolls

Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs

Sonya Moledina

Caroline Juhasz

Tutu Akinyede

Pak Keung

Jemma Zoe Smith

AE Publications

Anil Sharma, Manju Pillai

Sheena Chan

Manjusha Pillai

Theresa Cox

Mohiuddin Ahmed

Richard Gray

Mandy Broomhead

Gemma Louise Bull

Robert Lomax

Muhammad Ali

Jemma Smith

Tutors and Businesses

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