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Vocabulary is one of the most important aspects of the 11 plus English and Verbal Reasoning tests. Reading is the best way to learn new words and add to your vocabulary. It should begin early and as is often said- the earlier the better. Read everyday with your child and read from a variety of genres. Try to incorporate new words in conversations.

In addition to reading, you may utilise a few other ways to strengthen children’s vocabulary. This could be applications, websites, specific books and resources. We have complied a few of these resources so that they may useful for you in your quest to enrich your child’s vocabulary. If you have any more to add, please leave them in the comments below.
Please note that I do not have any monetary affiliations with any of the resources mentioned.


11 Plus Vocabulary available on Amazon is popular with students learning 11 plus vocabulary.

11+ Vocabulary Antonyms & Synonyms
 is a book created by a mother of two children who prepared her own children for entry into super-selective schools. It is hugely popular with parents.

11 plus Vocabulary 500 essential words
– a slightly challenging book, includes Synonyms, Antonyms, how to use words and word origin.

Cadwaladr Quests series– a unique series of 11 plus vocabulary novels. The relevant words have a corresponding footnote with synonyms and antonyms. It is written by an author and parent Sheena Ager who used this fun way of to help her son learn new words. Also, read her ‘Five a Day’ method to improve vocabulary.

Vocab Booster a book packed with 2,000 words, it provides a comprehensive weekly programme to boost your child’s vocabulary.

Wordier Online- An eclectic and unique place offering various resources to improve children’s vocabulary with no fuss and in record time. The Vocabulary book is illustrated featuring over 200 challenging words. It comes with a FREE BONUS which includes free online revision games and flashcards.

Classics explained for young readersThese ‘explained’ version of classic literature books offers young readers with vocabulary and comprehension support as footnotes on the same page. These books have original text, provide full context and make classic texts enjoyable and comprehensible.

The 11+ Journal A fun way for children to record new words learnt every day in their very own journal. The little book is designed to help children express themselves through words and art, build resilience, nurture goal-setting and encourage life-skills such as gratitude and self-regulation. 


Eleven Plus: Vocabulary Flash Cards is a popular flashcard pack used by both tutors and students.

Wordier Online- 75 double-sided vocabulary flashcards. Each card introduces a new word with photo illustration, example sentence and definition. They also have a Fish! The Vocabulary Game featuring 52 different words. Definitely an upcoming company to watch out for, they seem to know how to win the vocabulary game!

WOW words of the week are published weekly by Jemma of The Education hotel in our The 11plus Journey Facebook group. These are uploaded in the Album- WOW words. which may be accessed and downloaded in separate files for free. If you would like to get this as a pack to be downloaded in one go, you can purchase them from The Education Hotel website resource page.

Applications and Websites

Freerice is an online game which generates money to save and change lives around the world. When you answers a questions, advertisements appear on your screen. When you see one of these advertisements, you trigger a financial payment to the World Food Programme.
ChatterStars is both an app and a website that provides fun, personalised activities to rapidly develop vocabulary.
Quizlet is an app and a website that trains students via flashcards and various games and tests. This is a place to generate your own flashcard sets and can be used for a variety of subjects, not just English vocabulary.
Scrabble is a word game that many will be familiar with. It is a fun way to learn and consolidate new words with friends and family.
Bananagrams is family-run board games company. They have many educational resources that can help with building a strong vocabulary. Just be cautious that this is an American company, so spellings may differ.
Vocabulary ninja is a collection of resources on vocabulary, comprehension and many other subjects. Basically designed by teacher for teachers, few parents have used it and recommend it.
Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep by Maghoosh is another app, the company is US-based, so please be careful about spellings and other minor grammatical differences.
Wordscapes is a game available on the App store, Google Play and on Facebook.

Vocabulary.com is a website, whose ‘’mission is to close the word gap so that students can achieve at higher levels.’’ Again, a US based company, so please be careful about differences in spellings and grammar.
Mrs Wordsmith is a website that sells variety of card games, workbooks and so on. Some of these resources are highly recommended by parents and tutors alike.
Sightwordgames is a website with list of synonyms and free, printable worksheets. US based.

Word lists


Readskill Word list

Smart Words Word list

Elevenplusexams Word list

Word power made easy word list

S L Ager’s word list

11plus guide Vocabulary list

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