ENGLISH & VR – The 11 Plus Journey

The 11 Plus Journey


How can you practise intentional reading with your child?

Updated April 2024 Reading with your child is an incredibly important activity that can have a profound impact on their overall development. BUT! There’s more to reading than you think! It’s not enough to simply read to your child; you must read to them and with them- WITH INTENTION. Intentional reading involves actively engaging with […]

11 Plus Exam boards- GL and CEM

Selective schools across the UK use different examination boards when testing children at the secondary school entry point. The two main boards are GL- Granada Learning and CEM- Centre for Evaluation & Monitor. A lot of content overlaps between the two exam boards. However, you will find a few differences among the two, formulated in […]

Boosting your child’s vocabulary

Guest Post by SLC Tuition & publishing who are also collaborating with us in our Facebook group to provide weekly Vocab Booster Quiz.  Recommended reading: An article that includes a list of Vocabulary sources. This list will help you have access to many sources to see what suits you & your child.  Whichever 11+ exam […]

Comprehension and its links to Creative Writing

Comprehension and Creative writing- two very important features of the 11 plus English tests are not separate entities. Children can learn skills to navigate both these aspects as these are essentially English skills. Watch the video below on how your child can learn and apply these skills. Read the text below the video and take […]

11+ Vocabulary Resources

Reading and Vocabulary Bundle

  Click here for 11 Plus Journey OS- A parent hub to master the 11+ process. Vocabulary is one of the most important aspects of the 11 plus English and Verbal Reasoning tests. Reading is the best way to learn new words and add to your vocabulary. It should begin early and as is often […]

The 11+ English Exam – A Recount

Guest blog by Miles, founder of Englishshop.co.uk Miles contributes to a regular feature called English Bites in our Facebook group. His lead-weighted eyelids creaked open, scattering yellow dust onto his pillow. The wider they opened, the more his head hurt at the thought of the day ahead. It was 11 plus English exams day! Sliding out […]

What is the verbal reasoning section of the 11+? 

Get 20% off your first month and a 5-day free trial with Atom Learning Guest blog post by Jonathan Ellis of Atom Learning    For a list of online subscription sites for 11 plus, read our blog on the various options you have. The verbal reasoning section can cause its fair share of test anxiety. […]

‘Five a Day’- A great way to learn vocabulary

Guest post by Sheena Ager, author of ‘The Cadwaladr Quests’ series of vocabulary novels, and workbooks, available on Amazon.  I have been talking about my ‘Five a Day’ for many years as I did it with Jude, my son, who was not a reader. There are so many ways to learn vocabulary, but we found this to […]

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