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Revision v Fun: 7 Ways to Find the Right Balance This Summer

As the summer gets closer and closer (only a month to go!), parents find themselves facing a delicate juggling act—supporting their children in their exam preparations for the 11plus in September while also ensuring they have enough time off to relax and enjoy the much-anticipated summer holidays. 

Finding the right balance between revision and leisure can be challenging, but with thoughtful planning and open communication between you, parents can create a harmonious blend that promotes academic success while allowing their children to recharge and make lasting summer memories.

Emphasise the Importance of Rest and Relaxation

When it comes to revising for school exams, it’s really crucial to recognise that relaxation and leisure time is essential for a student’s overall academic performance and well-being. Encourage your child to take breaks, engage in physical activities, and pursue hobbies that help them de-stress and rejuvenate their minds. This ‘downtime’ enhances concentration and prevents burnout, ultimately leading to their revision sessions becoming more effective.

Create a Structured Revision Schedule

To strike a balance between revision and summer fun, establish a structured revision schedule with help from your child early on. This plan will ensure that they allocate specific time slots for studying, allowing them to make progress while still having ample free time for relaxation and socialising. By involving your child in the scheduling process, they’ll feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for their academic success and there won’t be a battle when revision time comes.

Resources that can help you
Study Planner and Guide for Breaks-
Eleven Plus Revision Books-
The 11+ Journal, to help with child’s motivation and self-regulation-

Set Realistic Goals

Encourage your child to set realistic goals for their revision period. Break down the syllabus into manageable chunks and set specific targets for each study session. This approach helps your child stay motivated and focused, preventing last-minute cramming and the associated stress. Moreover, by achieving small milestones along the way, your child will gain confidence in their abilities, fostering a positive attitude and mind-set towards revision.

Optimise Learning Techniques

Efficient revision techniques can help your child make the most of their study time and retain information effectively. Encourage them to experiment with various methods such as active recall, summarising concepts in their own words, or teaching the material to someone else. Maybe there’s a holiday club where they can revise or a relative they could do it with? By diversifying their revision strategies, your child can find the techniques that work best for them, making their study sessions more engaging and productive.

Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Habits

A balanced lifestyle not only encompasses academic learning but also physical and mental well-being. Encourage your child to keep-up healthy habits such as eating well, getting regular exercise, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. A well-rested and nourished mind is better equipped to handle the demands of revision and retain information more effectively, and they will be more able to get up and get going the next day.

Plan Rewarding Breaks and Activities

While revision is essential for exams in September, it’s equally important to plan enjoyable, fun activities and breaks during the summer holidays. Organise outings together, day trips, or family time away that provide opportunities for your child to unwind and create fun memories. These breaks can also act as incentives, giving your child something to really look forward to while motivating them to stay focused during their revision periods. Asking your child to plan some of these is an even better way to keep them on track!

The 11+ Guide to Rewarding Revision

Foster a Supportive Environment

Creating a supportive environment at home is crucial for your child’s academic success and mental well-being. Offer encouragement, praise and reward their efforts, and be available to answer questions or provide assistance when it’s needed. By showing genuine interest and support, you can alleviate exam-related stress and make the revision process more manageable for your child throughout the summer.

Finding the perfect balance between school exam revision and enjoying a well-deserved summer holiday and break from the work is a challenge that most parents face. By prioritising rest and relaxation, creating structured revision schedules, setting realistic goals, optimising learning techniques, promoting healthy lifestyle habits, planning rewarding breaks, and fostering a supportive environment, parents can guide their children towards academic success while allowing them to make the most of their summer. 

Remember, a harmonious blend of revision and leisure is key to helping children thrive academically and create cherished summer memories.

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