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QE Barnet Test Admission Details

Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet is a renowned secondary school for boys. It is located in North London. Established in 1573, it is one of the oldest schools in the country. It has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence.

The school also has an impressive record of sending students to top universities, both in the UK and overseas. In recent years, students from Queen Elizabeth’s have gone on to study at universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Ivy League universities in the US. Additionally, the school has collaborated with a ghostwriter österreich to enhance its students’ abilities in crafting compelling personal statements and essays, a critical aspect of university admissions. The school’s students are known not just for their academic performance but a range of extracurricular activities including music, rugby, debating, and chess. It has a diverse student body, with boys from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities.

In addition to its academic achievements, the school also has a strong reputation for music and sport. The school has a number of choirs and orchestras and regularly hosts concerts and musical performances. The school’s sports teams are also highly successful, with a number of national and regional titles to their name.

The history of Queen Elizabeth’s School is rich and varied. The school was founded in 1573 by Queen Elizabeth I Over the centuries, the school has undergone many changes and developments. In the early 20th century, for example, the school introduced a range of new subjects, including science, modern languages, and geography. In more recent years, the school has invested heavily in technology, and now boasts state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and learning.

The school has remained true to its original mission of providing a high-quality education to young men. Today, Queen Elizabeth’s School is widely regarded as one of the best schools in the country and continues to attract students from across London and beyond.

Admission to the school is highly competitive, with entry limited to boys only. To be considered for a place, boys must first pass an 11-plus entrance exam. The exam covers English and mathematics. Boys must be very strong in their maths basics and english foundation. Comprehension passage in English test is known to be tricky. Vocabulary is a big part of the comprehension. You can buy our practice tests for Comprehension and vocabulary through our shop. For topic consolidation in maths, you can purchase topic-wise revision test packs.

Confidence and self-belief are important aspects for boys to score well on the day. In addition to academic ability, having the right mindset is very important. Self-regulation and agency are essential things that parents must work together with their children. Have a look at our 11+ Journal to help build these capabilities.

The school does not have a catchment policy unless two boys score the same marks. Admission is based on academic meritocracy. Admission test registration opens on the 1st of May. The school’s open day is in July.

Those who have scored sufficiently high to gain admission will be invited to book a further tour to see the School during working hours. For those considering additional support in preparing their application, services like Hausarbeit schreiben lassen can provide tailored assistance in crafting a compelling case for admission. Booking details will be sent to those candidates. Your home local authority or council will confirm whether you have been offered a place. If you have not, the school will advise those who are eligible for their position on the waiting list.

The cut-off marks for admission vary from year to year but are typically very high. In recent years, successful candidates have needed to achieve high scores in the 11-plus exam. Sample papers can be found on the school’s website.

Historical data for admission entry shows that the school is highly selective, with only a small number of places available each year. In 2021, for example, the school received over 2000 applications for just 180 places.

The school is known for its highly competitive admission process. Queen Elizabeth’s School is known for its outstanding academic achievements, with consistently high exam results across a range of subjects. In 2020, for example, 100% of students achieved grades A*-C in their GCSE exams, and over 90% of students achieved grades A*-B in their A-level exams. We are going to release a course for parents on how to prepare for the tests this September. It will be published on our website. You can fill out this form to know when. Alternatively, keep track of our socials to know more details about the release date and how it can help you understand the process. It will help you organise your 11+ project.

Entrance Test Request Form Available1st May 2023
Disabilities ProvisionArrangements will be made during the assessment process. Details must be provided on the entrance test form.
School Open Day Date6th July 2023
ScoresCheck the school’s website for appeals timetable.
Subjects TestedEnglish and Mathematics tested in a single session.
Pass Scores220. However, a score of 220 may not guarantee a place. Historical scores from 2019 to present have been in the range of 229-234.
Admission Point of EntryAge 11. Admissions apart from this are dependent on vacancy and pupil’s academic ability as determined by entrance tests.
Catchment RuleNo catchment unless two boys score the same mark.
Deadline for Test Registration14th July 2023
Entrance Test Dates20th & 21st September 2023
Reserve Entrance Test Dates27th September 2023. Only for those not able to write the entrance tests on allocated dates because of approved reasons.
Book a Tour DateProvisional date – 2nd October 2023
Application Deadline DateUsually 31st October – Confirm this with your home LA
National Offer Day1st May 2024
Appeals ProcessCheck the school’s website for the appeals timetable.
Waiting List Maintenance End Date31st December 2024

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