Donate your pre-loved children’s books so that more children can have a book to call their own! - The 11 Plus Journey

The 11 Plus Journey


Donate your pre-loved children’s books so that more children can have a book to call their own!

You can bring a smile to a child by donating a book you have read.

We are delighted to work with The Children’s Book Project, Our Charity of the Year.

Why not get your child involved too and reinforce the importance of caring for others which is an important part of life.

The Children’s Book Project believes that every child should have the chance to choose and own books they feel excited about and motivated to read, regardless of their circumstances. They collect pre-loved books from communities nationwide, sort them to ensure their quality and gift them to children with few of their own. The charity puts on celebratory, inclusive book gifting events and works with schools, prisons, food banks and women’s groups to reach children living in the most challenging circumstances.

What can YOU do?


Donate gently used children’s books via one of the charity’s Book Hubs across the UK. Please also note the ages of the children at the drop off point you have identified since your books will be gifted to that community.

Pre-loved, gently used books only. So unfortunately, we cannot accept:

  • textbooks or revision books
  • religious texts
  • encyclopaedias
  • DVDs or CDs
  • torn, scribbled or dirty books
  • ex library books or ex reading schemes

Run a Book Drive

You can run a book drive and invite members of your school or wider community to bring in any children’s books that their family has grown out of. The charity will gladly help with this, including support with planning, resources, and book collection. Visit the website for further informatIon. If you are based at a school or organisation that would like to run a Book Drive on behalf of The Children’s Book Project, please contact Tracy, quoting the 11 plus journey at


It costs just £162 for the charity to gift 650 gently used books to children within an average sized primary school. This equates to £10.20 per class, or merely £0.34 for every child to receive an equivalent of 1.5 books. If you or your organisation can fundraise on behalf of the charity, you will be making a difference and the charity would be most grateful!

A message from Children’s Book Project

We are a grassroots charity which collects donations of children’s books that families have grown out of, sorts them, and then gifts them to children with very few books of their own. We believe in the power of books. We are committed to supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds to foster a love of reading, bringing joy and improving educational attainment, in turn opening many doors in life. Reading for pleasure helps children to achieve. Yet rising levels of economic stresses in schools and the home are resulting in fewer children discovering the many benefits of reading books. The Children’s Book Project works to ensure that more children get access to books and are able to make friends with books as a basic childhood right. We want children from all backgrounds to view book reading as an activity they can participate in and to see themselves as part of a wider reading community. This year we will gift over 250,000 books to children who have very few of their own. One in four disadvantaged children has fewer than 10 books. We believe that every child has the right to books. We aim to tackle book poverty and to give every child the opportunity to own their own book. Help us gift good quality used children’s books by passing on the books your family has grown out of.

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