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The 11 Plus Journey


5 Top Tips to Review your Child’s Mock Tests        

Mock tests are important for your child to take before the real 11+ exam. Do not waste time and money on mock tests without doing a detailed review of each test. Your child must take at least 2 face-to-face mock tests and 10-15 online mock tests to be fully prepared for the real tests. You […]

What are the CAT4 Tests? A Guide for Parents

Get 20% off your first month and a 5-day free trial with Atom Learning   CAT4 or the Cognitive Abilities Test is an assessment to understand our children’s academic prowess. In this short blog, I will explain its significance, and show you the different strategies to support our children in navigating these assessments with confidence. […]

Revision v Fun: 7 Ways to Find the Right Balance This Summer

As the summer gets closer and closer (only a month to go!), parents find themselves facing a delicate juggling act—supporting their children in their exam preparations for the 11plus in September while also ensuring they have enough time off to relax and enjoy the much-anticipated summer holidays. Finding the right balance between revision and leisure […]

Help! My child’s mock test was terrible! 5 things you can do to solve this problem.

Your child took a mock test arranged by a tutoring company, and you received the results. The scores are terrible! Now you are wondering if you should continue with the 11+ prep any longer.

Is it worth it?

How can my child improve when the marks are so low?

Is there any hope at all?

Let me simplify it for you. There is a way to improve those scores. You must continue your preparation.

But first, be ready to do some work.

So, what work should you do?

The 11 Plus Journey’s Guide to Rewarding Revision

  As a student, exams will play a crucial role in assessing your knowledge and determining your academic success all the way through your time at school. Among what can be a stressful time, one key strategy stands out as your secret weapon to success: Revision.  In this blog, we will show you our 7-step plan […]

11+ Course for Year 5 Parents- Getting ready for the tests

    The 11-plus process can seem incredibly complicated. What should your child be learning? When should they be learning it? And how can we, as parents teach and support them through this tricky process? We are incredibly proud to announce that we’ve written an amazing course which will support all parents and carers and […]

11+ Application & Process Checklist    FREE Download

An A4 printable checklist to plan out your 11+ test registration and preparation from June until the end of tests. It will keep you focused towards your goal of supporting your child through the 11 plus tests this summer. Write your affirmation in the space provided at the top of the page. An affirmation is […]

Recommended 11 plus physical resources

  English Books from Galore Park, Collins and S&S. Available on Amazon: Reading and Comprehension Galore Park Reading and Comprehension Workbook Galore Park Reading and Comprehension 11+ Practice PapersCollins 11+ Practice BooksSchofield & Sims- KS2 Comprehension books InferenceBooks by First Past the PostFirst Past the Post Books 1, 2 and 3 Classic and poetryFirst Past […]

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