11+ exam Techniques, Tips and Tricks

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11+ exam Techniques, Tips and Tricks- Free session by ATOM Learning

Jono, the Lead tutor ar Product Manager at Atom conducted a short and information-packed session in our Facebook group on 11 plus exam techniques.

He gave tips on the importance of doing research for your target schools, scheduling formal practice time and consolidating study through informal methods, familiarisation with the different styles of questions as the foundation for preparing for the highly competitive tests. There were many important points covered such as expanding knowledge and building stamina over time. How to make sure the children keep calm, the resources you can use , the importance of mock tests and ways to motivate children were covered.

This was another great collaboration with Atom who had previously done a ‘Comprehension masterclass’ and a ‘Maths techniques- Laying the right foundations  session before in our group.
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If you want to check out ATOM’s free resources, head over to their YouTube page.

Watch the session here-


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