Atom Learning- Adaptive, online 11 plus study platform.


We have partnered with Atom Learning with a discount code for our readers. Atom Learning is the UK’s comprehensive online learning platform to bring our readers a high-quality, teacher-made content with sophisticated technology that keeps pupils on their individual optimal learning paths. It is AI-based online education materials aimed at primary aged (7-11 years) children, their teachers and their parents.

The Atom Learning home platform (Atom Nucleus) is relevant for all pupils in years 3 – 8 and especially pupils preparing for senior school entry assessments (ISEB Common Pre-Tests, London Consortium, UKiset, 11+, school-specific assessments). As we recover from lockdown learning and try to come to terms with normal schooling and daily life, platforms such as Atom Learning is offering free, interactive online lessons for all KS2 pupils (you do not need to subscribe to the platform to take part). All of their lessons are hosted by professional teachers and you can book your child’s place in lessons via their website: www.atomlearning.co.uk or register directly here.

Atom Learning offers a five-day free trial. Should you wish to continue with the platform after the trial period, you can get a solid 10% off your subscription if you click on the link or use the code 11PLUSJOURNEY at checkout.

Having partnered with them previously to bring free Comprehension Class and one on Maths techniques, we look forward to working together regularly, bringing you free LIVE sessions on our Facebook group and YouTube channel.

For those who want to explore VR, you can also read an informative guest article- Verbal Reasoning (also known as VR) section of the 11 plus, which details the subject and its various aspects.

The Atom Learning platform covers English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

It includes:
tens of thousands of practice questions individually designed by teachers as well as hundreds of pre-recorded video tutorials and text-based resources;
a Lesson Library with over 100 hours of recorded lessons to stream
an algorithm that keeps pupils learning at their optimal difficulty level;
unlimited fully adaptive mock tests; and
precision reporting for parents and pupils providing insight into the pupil’s learning style, abilities and areas to improve.

 The platform has recently started to teach Science in addition to the above. It is another valuable resource to enhance their child’s education and boost learning outcomes.

Atom Learning is a affiliate partner of The 11 Plus Journey. This website will earn commission if you use the 10% discount code.

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