verbal reasoning – The 11 Plus Journey

The 11 Plus Journey


What are the CAT4 Tests? A Guide for Parents

Get 20% off your first month and a 5-day free trial with Atom Learning   CAT4 or the Cognitive Abilities Test is an assessment to understand our children’s academic prowess. In this short blog, I will explain its significance, and show you the different strategies to support our children in navigating these assessments with confidence. […]

11 Plus Exam boards- GL and CEM

Selective schools across the UK use different examination boards when testing children at the secondary school entry point. The two main boards are GL- Granada Learning and CEM- Centre for Evaluation & Monitor. A lot of content overlaps between the two exam boards. However, you will find a few differences among the two, formulated in […]

Recommended 11 plus physical resources

  English Books from Galore Park, Collins and S&S. Available on Amazon: Reading and Comprehension Galore Park Reading and Comprehension Workbook Galore Park Reading and Comprehension 11+ Practice PapersCollins 11+ Practice BooksSchofield & Sims- KS2 Comprehension books InferenceBooks by First Past the PostFirst Past the Post Books 1, 2 and 3 Classic and poetryFirst Past […]

What is the verbal reasoning section of the 11+? 

Get 20% off your first month and a 5-day free trial with Atom Learning Guest blog post by Jonathan Ellis of Atom Learning¬†   For a list of online subscription sites for 11 plus, read our blog on the various options you have. The verbal reasoning section can cause its fair share of test anxiety. […]

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