I-educate NVR Course – The 11 Plus Journey

The 11 Plus Journey


Developed by the official NVR developer for the 11+ exam

Ieducate’s NVR course by official NVR developer Peter for the 11+ exam is a popular course for children to master NVR and Spatial Reasoning concepts.

Children will get rid of the confusion and frustration they feel when they sit to solve NVR problems. After this course, they will learn to understand and master nonverbal reasoning concepts.

Learn how to solve 168 with their video tutorials and practise on 280 Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning questions developed by Peter Francis for the GL Assessment, CEM, ISEB Common Pre-Test and CAT4 exam for just £50 (save £10 if you buy the Non-Verbal & Spatial Reasoning bundle)!

Free Sample of Non-Verbal & Spatial Reasoning
Non-Verbal & Spatial Reasoning
Non-Verbal Reasoning
Spatial Reasoning
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