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The 11 Plus Journey


Adapting Revision Time for Pre-Test Success


Guest Blog for our website visitors by Sarah Collins, 11+ and Pre-Test Expert and Author at Galore Park



Year 6 can be a stressful time for children whether they are taking SATs tests or assessments set by the prep school so the addition of pre-tests for the Common Entrance can seem rather daunting. 


The good news is that these tests do not generally require additional knowledge, so theoretically no additional revision is required even though the format (often delivered online) can be unfamiliar. However, understanding what the pre-tests are looking for and how they work will help you to adapt your curriculum revision planning to prepare for the pre-test at the same time.

This blog answers some common questions and looks at the characteristics of these tests in Part 1 and provides simple strategies to help you focus revision work where it is most effective in Part 2.

Targeting your child’s preparation in this way will help you to…

• Reduce the revision mountain
• Build their confidence in tackling unfamiliar question styles
• Understand what they need to practise in order to excel

Part 1 of the blog answers:

• What are pre-tests? Looking specifically at what the pre-test entails and why schools require them.
• Do all schools set the same pre-test? Including information on the ISEB Common Pre-Test.
• When do the pre-tests take place? With information on when candidates can register for the pre-test.
• What are schools looking for with pre-tests? Plus, how best to demonstrate this.

Part 2 of the blog looks at:

• Maths and English revision – including practical advice on how best to revise for these subjects for the pre-test.
• Verbal and non-verbal reasoning revision – with tips on revising and honing technique ahead of the test.
• Adaptive pre-test training – including techniques to improve speed, accuracy and an ability to answer difficult questions under pressure (and therefore secure higher marks).

Read the full blog post here.

About Sarah Collins:

Sarah Collins is an expert in all things pre-test and 11+ and is the author of Galore Park’s verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning study and revision guides. Learn more about Sarah here.

About Galore Park:

Galore Park specialises in textbooks and revision books for the pre-tests, 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance exams. We work closely with the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) who endorse many of our books. This means they have been edited and approved by a member of the ISEB Editorial Endorsement Committee for the relevant subject so you can rest assured that our resources are closely aligned to the ISEB syllabus. We are also the exclusive distributor of ISEB Common Entrance past papers which provide the best possible preparation for independent school entrance exams at 11+, 13+ and Scholarship exams. Learn more about Galore Park here.

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