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11 plus Online subscription sites

There are various resources available to prepare for the 11 plus tests. Books, online worksheets, workbooks, websites…the list is endless. Online subscription sites are one of the many routes you can take to prepare your child for the tests. Even if your child is not taking the competitive exams, these sites are a wonderful platform for learning and consolidating concepts taught at school. Moreover, for many home-schooling parents, these are convenient resources.

Suitable for remote learning, these online portals are perfect for the present condition and of course for a post-Covid world, a new era in teaching and learning that has been thrust upon us. Different to the traditional and conventional way of learning, these websites offer an alternative option to tutors. Parents may use these sites to supplement their child’s schoolwork. For many parents, these websites are yet another resource in their kitbag. Many use them to give children a break from the monotony of doing workbooks.

The main attraction of these websites is the interactive nature of learning, where sound effects, graphics and reward points spur children to try just once more, give it another go. Doesn’t that make a parent’s heart glad? Many kids prefer this to filling in boring workbooks. Although many would agree that there is no substitute for the boring work done in workbooks, online sites can be used to shake up things a little.

Most of these sites provide tutorials to explain topics and concepts and offer flexibility in terms of the length of subscription and payment terms. Read on to learn about a few websites, tried and tested by parents and tutors.

ATOM Learning: ATOM is popular with parents helping to prepare for senior school entrance assessments. The platform provides daily LIVE lessons, a library of over 100 recorded lessons with 60,000+ teacher written practice questions, and detailed performance analysis. The platform is adaptive to stretch children’s learning. Subscription starts from £19.99 with a 5 day free trial. They have provided our readers with an affiliate discount code 11PLUSJOURNEY or you can sign up using the code on this page. We have collaborated with them to bring some lessons for free, exclusively to members of our Facebook group. You can watch replays of the FREE sessions- ‘Comprehension techniques’ class and ‘Working on Maths foundations for 11 plus’

11plushelp: Offers unlimited online practice on 11 Plus subjects and subject-wise and topic-wise Practice Tests, Mock Exams, Comprehension Tests, Vocabulary, Synonyms and Antonyms, Flashcards, Videos, Independent English & Maths Past Papers. The platform also helps to keep track of your schools Applications for FREE. Subscription starts from £4.99 a month. They have offered 11 plus Journey Facebook group members and our website readers a 10% discount code 11PlusJourney  (not an affiliate code).

LinkyThinks: Not your usual subscription site, but a different, fun and enjoyable approach to teaching and learning, the site offers Comprehension, Punctuation and Maths courses, some referred to as bootcamps. We have collaborated with them to provide free regular lessons to members of our Facebook group. Watch a replay of ‘Plot and structure in Creative Writing’ class.

11 Plus Lifeline: A collection of 11 plus practice papers with full example answers and solutions by RSL Educational, famous for their very detailed and comprehensive books for the 11 plus tests. The platform provides a plethora of FREE Samples and are very popular with parents. Starting at £8.59 a month, they have different types of subscriptions available depending on what you need to help your child with their learning. Robert Lomax of RSL Educational has also conducted a FREE class on MCQ Comprehension recently. It may be accessed here on on our Youtube channel.

IXL: Reviews suggest this site is good for Maths. It offers repetitive practice and is aligned with the curriculum, as stated on their website. Prices begin from £12.99 a month.

BOND: Bond Online, one of the oldest platforms out there, offers separate tests for each 11 plus topic with scores recorded for future reference. The children get feedback after every test to help them tackle tricky questions better next time. Their monthly subscription package starts from £6.50.

EXAMINSIDER: Billed as the full 11 plus solution, they are a hybrid model, not the usual subscription model. They have video tutorials and snail post study materials to their subscribers. When the children complete the work, parents upload them to a system provided by the company. It is marked and assessed and parents are provided feedback. The platform also offers 1-2-1 parent consultation.

CHUCKRA: This website offers online practice questions. You can also download a collection of worksheets and sample papers.

EDPLACE:  Offers a free account, in addition to paid individual and family bundles, either monthly or yearly. This website offers English, Maths and Science practice.

KSOL online: This website offers free downloads apart from its subscription packages starting at £45 a month. It also has 5 minute 11+ tests. Perfect if you are looking for something regular and small to keep the momentum going.

Excel11plus: They have a 90 day online subscription for £20. This, according to their website includes tests, performance indicators, new content, topic tests and mock tests.

PIACADEMY Offers topic-wise exercises. The website is detailed and has loads of information on it.

BOFA: PlanetBOFA works on a test-practice-retest system where questions are personalised. The site offers reports, and an award system to keep children motivated. From a personalised report emailed to parents and explanations for the errors provided, BOFA also insists on positive encouragement rewarding children for timekeeping, commitment and improvement. They offer a flexible subscription length starting from £7.99 a month.

Learning Street: This is a Udemy style website, offering courses on a variety of 11 plus relevant topics- GL/CEM based material and vocabulary courses. All courses are priced differently and the site also provides free worksheets that may be downloaded.

Please note: The sites above are not listed in any order, except my own preference. Please carry out your due diligence and research before deciding to sign up to any platform. Not every platform suits every child and it is important to understand that every child’s need and approach to learning is unique.

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