When are the 11 plus tests for Grammar schools conducted?
Tests for selective Grammar schools are usually held in September of each year. Dates differ each year and are vary from school to school. Do check the school’s website to ascertain test dates. Your child will take the test when he/she is in Year 6. This will be at the start of their school year.
Few schools have second round of tests for which students are invited (depending on whether they have passed the first round of tests). These tests may be held later and the dates for these tests are given by respective schools that your child is taking the test for.

What subjects do schools tests in the 11 plus tests?
Each school tests children in different subjects. Check the school’s admission process which will be detailed on their website. Common subjects that children are tested in are EnglishMathsVerbal Reasoning (VR) and Nonverbal Reasoning (NVR). Few schools also test children on Creative Writing.

What is the process of registration for the 11 plus tests?
Registration for the 11 plus tests is done via school or consortium website. registrations usually open at the end of April or early May. The school/consortium website will explain the process of registration and which forms to fill out and where to send completed forms. An email confirming registration is usually sent afterwards.